Drink a cup of wellness!

Don’t really feel like giving up the joys of Coffee but would like to make more health conscious decisions, the solution is here: Ganoderma Coffee
ganoderma coffee
Drink the benefits of Ganoderma coffee and also sample all the other DXN products and enjoy the difference! – DXN Ganoderma Coffee products

Thanks to the Ganoderma Mushroom (Reishi, Lingzhi), its extract can be mixed with High Quality Arabica coffee from Brazil. This creates a very unique taste, as well as has a very positive effect on the body.

Your body accumulates acids which are neutralized by the effects of the Ganoderma mushroom if used regularly. This mushroom will also regulate blood pressure and stabilize the effects of high and low fluctuations in the body.

ganoderma mushroomThe Ganoderma Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum) contains nearly 200 alimentary substances which have positive effects on our body. One of those ingredients is Organic Germanium which is one of the most healing substances in Nature. The Ganoderma Mushroom is a virtuous plant therefore not containing side effects which weaken the body after long term use. In fact, this type of mushroom improves your immune system and helps the body heal itself more rapidly.

People tend to forget to take their daily vitamin dose or have to give up their food supplement in the absence of financial means.

Have you ever heard of anyone forgetting to drink their Daily cup of coffee?

A great idea was born when DXN decided to mix this potent Ganoderma mushroom with a staple product in the daily lives of so many people around the world. In today’s consumption of this potent product, DXN is the world’s largest producer having over 4 million daily consumers in 100 countries…

DXN is also proud to say that they are one of only a handful of companies manufacturing this product with no artificial flavors, colorings or preservatives.

Thoughts on coffee and the effects of drinking coffee


There’s an old saying:
The big and successful businesses always require a great, innovating idea.

We should find a product, which people need day by day, and they don’t want to call off their daily intake.

Let’s make this habit even more attractive!

More and more people realise the importance of healthcare and prevention of disease and consciously consume antioxidants and food supplements, supporting this lifestyle…

This is why DXN created coffee, with ganoderma mushroom.
Everyone feels the difference even after consuming only one pack!

Coffee drinkers above 35 years decide quickly, since there is, no risk:  YES i will try this different kind of coffee.

coffee cupThose, who kept the simple rule, that they only drink this coffee, have already felt the positive effect during the consumption of the first box. Most of them simply doesn’t want to drink any other coffee anymore.

Most of people get angry when someone wants to sell them something.

At the same time these people ara interested in the different coffee, when one of their acquaintance, relative, colleague suggests it.

All of them would like to try it, because they don’t want to miss anything useful, and also can be profitable for them too.

The ganoderma coffee – consumers suddenly realise that  – inadvertently – they become business builders, even though they didn’t sell anything, but people would like to buy from them.

This is when it is realised, that everyone has countless coffee drinker acquaintances.

Every 30 seconds 120.000 cups of coffee are consumed only across Europe.

Most of the people based on the previous experiences, facts, argumnets, not only want to try the ganoderma coffee, but want to share the profits from this huge turnover.
Because there is another old saying: The really good businesses are done beside a good cup of coffee.

Another thing:
600 million people have a car in the world, Facebook has 750 million users, around 2 billion people smoke…
But there is something, that people like even more: around 3 billion people drink coffee regularly.  What business are you in?

Successful businessmen know from exprerience, that a well timed decision has great role in success.

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