Business Opportunity with Coffee

Find a product you consume every day and talk about it to others, as before, when no financial interest linked you? It’s that simple! Nothing more!

Business with Coffee

1. Most people are not just consumers of coffee, but coffee addict. Those who try to DXN coffees with ganoderma content and might drink at least three packs they just want to drink ganoderma coffee. Healthy and delicious.
The main product of our business is the daily consumed DXN ganoderma coffee, what people are consumed for their own needs, not because of the qualifying business expectations.

2. There is no business investment, and a compelling rules free marketing plan is available for all distributors. Accumulative points system where there is no rewind.

3. Professional support. Domestic and international doctors, naturopaths support the work according the law.

4. Online education and business-building system. Free website and knowledge base is available.

5. Excellent logistics, delivery service, local product stocks.

What do you need to do in the DXN business?

  • Show the coffee to more people (not to sell)!
  • Talk to your product experience!
  • Show your website!

DXN Europe Group also provides special tools to build your business, this is available for all teammates, who joins us.

Free tools:

  • Complete website and shop in 20 languages
  • Promotional Videos
  • Product and Business Newsletter Series
  • Video email possibilities
  • Blog, introduction, contact form
  • Own web office, tutorial materials, training courses

We know that with product experience, enthusiasm and drinking coffee before others can build up a great business!


Do you still have questions? Write to us!