Business Strategy

The Power of One (Art Jonak) – The power of a single person.

Everyone can build DXN business at own pace, no limitations, compulsory purchase. But if you want a great deal and to get monthly passive income, here’s a good recipe:
The new people are moving slowly at the beginning of the business because they think; they feel that they cannot bring people into the store.
For the sake of simplicity, transparency, the goal is to bring one person in the business monthly, with professional business tools, with business services:
Bring one new distributor and help them that they can be able to bring one person monthly, and so it goes all the way. This is the only action what distributors need to do.

The basic conditions of the business plan:

  1. Everyone sponsors one new person per month in your team (for a year).
  2. Monthly everyone buys for 100 points (PV).
  3. Each product has a point value.

DXN – has an accumulating point system. After shopping you earn points, after your team purchase you also earn points. These points accumulate through the month and at the end of month you’ll see the level of your current point value. The people only orders product for their own consumption for 100 points. Therein lies the power of networking.

If all the members of the team offer the product to 2-3 people addition to their own consumption, you can imagine what that would bring…

This business strategy starts slow, but leads to a more stable and sure-footed business.

Some good advice:

  • Sponsor new members (do not be pushy!), at least one person a month, and teach them to do the same!
  • Build a width, to find managers!
  • Build up depth with these key people!
  • Think long-term, do not be a bad mood at the first few months because of the low commission!
  • A 30-person team and with a 2-3000 PV monthly traffic you have more commission than the monthly 100 point consumption.
  • 3-4 direct SA (SA level= 4500 PV) and with a 10,000 points in monthly group traffic you will have a commission over 400 Euro (~490 USD)!

BUSINESS SUCCESS FOR ANYONE NOT GUARANTEED, THIS SITE DOES NOT CONTAIN SUCH PROMISE! However, with a lot of work and lot of attention, and also with learning, you can reach much higher monthly income than the previous examples.

The commission-system is public and fully downloadable from the download materials as “DXN Marketing Plan”.

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