My story

My name is Gabor Ercsenyi, the online distributor of the DXN. More than 10 years experience in online marketing and other creative things. I enjoy working with people, and helping them, actually that’s what always motivated me.

I’m a dreamer. The travelling all around the world, has always been my big dream, and to live a couple months in different places, while I have stable financial background. Walking on foreign city’s and village’s streets, and getting to know their culture. I have no desire to the traditional life course.

I knew, that in order to make my dreams come true, that are still carrying me, only can be achieved through the personal development. Sometimes it’s not easy, but those fantastic people, who I get to know during this trip, gives me power and shows example for me.

Obviously, own path can only be walked through by us.

In order to live the way I want, I began to explore the possibilities of the passive income earning.
In network marketing field I got to know a special business model which is available for ordinary people also. I have seen many companies offer. The big ticket package prices, the downgrading, the monthly fee, the performance limit, and other similar requirements are not convinced me. The DXN this is completely the opposite of this.

Why I joined to DXN?

The message of DXN caught me both of the product and the business point of view. I knew this business became for us, like an opportunity for ordinary people…

  • preserving and improving our health
  • improving our financial conditions
  • development, accomplishment of our life

What kind of benefits gives the DXN to each business partner?

In our business aren’t high requirements, no monthly fees, compulsory purchase, do not need to own stock, as do the customer service, and a number of Service Center in order to be taken over.
Low, one-time registration fee to start, and we get a worldwide business which can be built from home through internet. DXN Europe Group also provides special tools to build your business, this is available for all teammates, who joins us.

Free tools:

  • Complete website and shop in 20 languages
  • Promotional Videos
  • Product and Business Newsletter Series
  • Video email possibilities
  • Blog, introduction, contact form
  • Own web office, tutorial materials, training courses

I joined an equal websites like this to the shop, and now as DXN partner I work to get more people to show the universal healing “tool”, ganoderma, and to help my business partners with my experience, whose are people like You or me. Dream, feel and exist. But now it’s time to live it. :)

I believe that this business is all about human relations. Everyone here feels “at home”, and you would not be alone if you join, because from the beginning we can help you. Visit us, and you can be a constructive member of our team!

Join us in this amazing journey!
I wish you a good decision!

Gabor Ercsenyi
DXN Golden Team